Think You May Have Sleep Apnea? Find Out Here!

TIP! Have your dentist fit you for a custom mouth guard. They make these mouth guards specifically for people that suffer from sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea cases are going up every day; it isn’t that uncommon of these disorders and is caused by the airway being blocked while sleeping.If you think that you have sleep apnea, learn more here.

TIP! Refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages as much as possible, especially at bedtime. Alcohol naturally relaxes your muscles.

You may be able to improve or eliminate your symptoms by giving up alcohol and smoking. Both of the airways causing sleep apnea and excessive snoring. Quitting these habits may be the future.

TIP! Many children suffer with sleep apnea. When you notice that your child wakes up tired each day, is hard to wake up in the morning, is angry or rude or their grades are suffering at school, poor sleep due to sleep apnea could be the culprit.

Playing with some wind instruments can actually help you control sleep apnea. Researchers from Germany found that the didgeridoo on a regular basis strengthens throat muscles. These particular muscles control your airway walls get.

Sleep Apnea

TIP! Stick to a schedule when it comes to your sleep. An irregular sleep pattern only aggravates the sleep apnea condition.

Eating healthy way will help you manage sleep apnea and lose weight. A lot of people would be surprised to learn that eating badly makes sleep apnea. Research indicates that less nutritious food demonstrate more severe sleep apnea than even overweight folks who eat healthy.

TIP! Get a chin strap to keep your mouth closed when you are sleeping with a CPAP or BIPAP machine. It is a simple cloth strap that can easily hold up your chin as you sleep.

Many folks afflicted with sleep apnea are used to sleeping on their backs. Sleeping on your back can cause constriction of the throat muscles. Sleeping on one’s side makes breathing significantly easier. If you usually sleep on your back, try a wedge pillow.

TIP! If you suffer from sleep apnea and intend to travel at all, make sure you bring you CPAP in the luggage. Never go a night without your CPAP, because you need it if you have sleep apnea.

Try using a nasal spray if you notice your nose is irritating you. This will dry out the passages and help to clear them out temporarily. Avoid using this product for more than a long period of time; your mucus membranes could become damaged and irritated. Visit your nose clear as you can pick from.

Risk Factors

TIP! Remember, it’s not easy to spot your own sleep apnea when sleeping. If you are having problems with excessive tiredness or falling asleep during the day with no known cause, talk to your doctor right away.

Lower your risk factors for sleep apnea.Some sleep apnea risk factors are unable to be altered. However, many other risk factors can be cut out, like excessive weight, a smoker …