What To Do After A Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

This article will be of great use to anyone suffering from sleep apnea.

Get a mouth guard to help you sleep apnea.These devices correct your airways and allow you to breathe properly during the night.

TIP! Avoid alcohol before bed as much as possible. Alcohol causes your muscles to relax.

Lose weight if you’re heavy. Obesity is linked to sleep apnea in multiple studies. If you slim down, even shedding 25 pounds can provide a drastic improvement in your symptoms.

Sleep Apnea

TIP! Sleep apnea is usually diagnosed after a thorough medical examination. In addition, a sleep study may be required.

Sleep apnea can be present in adults or children; there is no age limit. If he or she is cranky, cannot focus, inattentive and tends to breathe through their nose, you might be looking at a case of sleep apnea. A lot of times these symptoms look like the symptoms of someone suffering with ADHD, so work with your doctor to investigate all possibilities.

TIP! To get a diagnosis for sleep apnea, your doctor may have you write a sleep log. You simply log the amount of hours you’re sleeping each night, and mentioning other symptoms too.

Sleep apnea can be a serious health condition. If you have symptoms of sleep apnea, it’s important to make an appointment with a physician to talk to them about it soon.

TIP! If you suffer from sleep apnea, get your allergy and sinus problems treated. Your condition already causes you to have trouble breathing while you sleep.

Sleeping pills are bad to take for people with sleep apnea is your problem. Sleeping pills can interfere with your throat relax which prevents your airways from functioning properly. These pills can become very dangerous if you have a bad case of sleep apnea; even though you might be tempted to use them to stay asleep, especially when tempted to try and get a good night’s sleep.

TIP! Losing weight can help sleep apnea sufferers. If a person has a neck circumference of 17 inches or more, they are more likely to develop sleep apnea.

You will need to make note of how many hours of sleep you get each night, and any other symptoms you experience. Your partner can let you know if you snore too loudly, stop breathing for a second, or momentary lapses in your breathing. This type of data can help your doctor figure out if you’ve got sleep apnea or if you don’t.

TIP! Sleep apnea will not magically disappear; you need to treat it. There are a variety of treatments that you can do, but they take time to work.

Sleep apnea sufferers should treat their allergies or other sinus related issues. Sleep apnea makes breathing on its own. You must eliminate anything else impacting your airway as you sleep.

TIP! Take up a wind instrument. You will like the music and help exercise muscles that can better your breathing.

If you are not having any luck managing your apnea, then see your doctor to discuss more aggressive options. There are some people who cannot tolerate traditional methods of alleviating sleep apnea symptoms, such as airway enlargement and the removal of the adenoids or (if they’re still present) the tonsils.

TIP! Inform your airline that you will have a CPAP machine if you intend on taking a long flight. The airline may seat you in a convenient place to make using your machine easier.

An excellent method of sleep apnea symptoms is simply losing some weight. A number of patients have found that if they shed weight they will help the apnea. Even a little weight loss can help your sleep apnea and cause the airways and throat to open up more.

TIP! There are many simple remedies available to anyone who is dealing with sleep apnea. Fixing your sleeping schedule and sticking to a regular bedtime every night can be a great help.

Stick to one normal sized pillow as you sleep. This can position you in a way that makes it hard to breathe. This means that one pillow is most appropriate to help alleviate your symptoms.

TIP! If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, give up sleeping facing up. Many sleeping difficulties, like airway blockages, are caused or exacerbated by lying on your back when you sleep.

You should ask your doctor what you can do about sleep apnea; however, but there are things you can do for yourself too. Quitting smoking and losing weight are great for anyone, particularly those that have sleep apnea. You will also want to avoid alcohol, along with late night heavy meals before going to bed.

TIP! There are throat exercises for sleep apnea sufferers that have been found quite effective. The muscles surrounding your airway get stronger, and that means they are less likely to collapse and make it hard to breathe.

Don’t sleep on your back if you have sleep apnea sufferer. Sleeping on your back makes the airways extra vulnerable to blockage; this is why most sleep apnea can make it hard for you to sleep.Use cushions or pillows to prop yourself lying on your side at night.

TIP! If you are wondering whether you are experiencing sleep apnea, set a date with your doctor asap and request a sleep test. A sleep test will let you know if you have the disorder, and if so, how severe your sleep apnea is.

Sleep apnea never just disappears of its own; patients need treatment. Some things work better for you than others. One thing that can help you is losing weight, but there are thin people who suffer from sleep apnea as well. Some people find that using a CPAP machines or a simple mouth guard designed for sleep apnea sufferers works for them. Some people do prefer surgery that will help alleviate their symptoms. Choose whichever method you think will work for you so you may begin to live a happy and most restful life.

TIP! There is a surgery that can help to alleviate the snoring associated with sleep apnea. A surgeon then goes in and removes some of the tissue, which helps clear the airway, making breathing easier at night.

Sleep apnea can contribute to many serious health disorders if left untreated. If you have sleep apnea, it’s crucial that you’re educated about you’re condition. By going over the information in the above article, then incorporating them into your daily life, you give yourself the best chance at successfully dealing with your sleep apnea.

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